150 Gram Roast Settings


Does anyone have great settings for a very small batch of 150g? I tried following the Sweet Maria’s videos for these batches, but mine is a V2, so using identical settings only yielded me scorched beans. I can’t seem to find a balance between charge temp, initial power setting, and the length of the roast. When I finally put my charge temp down to 382 (I think), it didn’t scorch my beans, but yielded me a 13 minute roast with first crack not happening until 411 degrees F on my IBTS readout. Any recommendations out there?


Hey Dusty,

I haven’t personally used this profile but saw that Rob Hoos had a few 200g sample roasts on his profile. Have a peak, maybe it will help? Let me know how it goes.




Will check it out - thanks!


Just worked on building a sample roast profile for 150g batches. Just finished roasting, so haven’t tasted yet, but profile worked well and was consistent for 2 different beans.

Preheat 175 C. Start at P6 and reduce to P5 at 7:00 min. Start F2, reduce to F3 at YW (about 4:30 min), reduce to F4 at 8:15 (right about/before FC). D7 for entire roast. Built this as a recipe in RoastTime and just let it run each time.

Did 4 sample roasts for each bean, dropping at 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00 after FC.

Originally started with a preheat temp at 165C and tried a few working it up to the 175C. Would still consider moving it up even higher to get the roast to progress a little faster.


Do you know if Rob roasts on an R1 or R2?


I will give it a shot on mine - thanks for the good info!