3D printed exhaust port


13 roasts in and the ASA adapter while dirty, still looks as it did when i printed it. No smoke leakage at all when I roast. Would love a metal or molded adapter but the price is too much. If the 3D printed one ever goes, I will just print another.

keep us posted on the HT resin!


3M manufactures a Fire Block Sealant FB136 tested up to 750C. It comes in a standard caulking tube. Nashuatape.com manufactures a stretch and seal self-fusing tape tested to 500F. I purchased both at Home Depot and I plan on using them to seal my exhaust port adapter.


Thank you for the ideas, I will keep these in mind. The tape I was thinking of using would wrap around the square side of the adapter to make sure it naturally gets a positive seal onto the roaster ‘pipe’. The same method would be used to provide a tight fit into the exhaust tubing that vents outside. Want to use rigid pipe versus flex tubing for future venting/ filtering idea.

Anyway, the tape is very thin and stable to 400 C. I have a bunch left over from a project I was working on. It’s pricy stuff…not sure I would use this if it wasn’t laying around. It’s called Kapton. Here is a Wiki all about it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapton


I used this around the outside square of the exhaust adaptor to snug up the fit.



Hello all Has anyone measured how hot the exhaust gets for a average medium to Dark roast? I just printed my from abs plastic.


I haven’t measured the temps, but my ABS adapter had a very short life. I’ve gone to a DIY hood setup with an exhaust fan, at the advice of Aillio. (I think it was Jacob, but I don’t recall for sure.)


I’m kinda surprised by all the people that have had problems with 3D printed adapters using ABS. I used Proto Pasta’s CF (carbon fiber) PLA and it’s been on my Bullet now pretty much since I got it, no problems. I’m running a straight up 4" vent that drafts well, maybe that’s the difference?


I used ABS…no problems. Annealed though…