Bean deflector


No more flying beans. Crafted a bean deflector from some wood I had lying around. Did some cardboard prototyping, and settled for a form that would deflect beans both left and right, and would not be in the way, when I have to put my hand in the roasting chamber, to clean the IR glass.

Then I cut the wood, glued for stability, tried it on for size and looks, and then painted it black. Really easy, only took an hour or so. You could probably get away with cardboard and duct tape and be on your way in 10 minutes :slight_smile:

Now for a few more layers of black to make it perfect


Thomas, this great! Thanks. I commented on the FB page that it would be nice to have a template to follow if you were willing. This site would be an appropriate place to share such things.

I like the chain set up for your bean chute plug. Another great hack.


@jacob @jonas Maybe a 3D printable plan could be created?


@Mike You mean a 3D part you want to print and attach? For the front plate I think today’s printable plastics will melt from the hot temperature of the front plate - it needs to be wood or metal.

In my humble opinion, adding a bean deflector ruins the look of the bullet. I would rather attach something to the cooling tray to catch the few beans that miss the metal tray. This could possibly be 3D printed.
What do you think?



I agree on both, appearance and the practicality of something on the tray. I fashioned cardboard pieces like @Krumbak did. It wasn’t pretty but the really nice thing was being able to open the door wide and dump the beans quickly. I appreciate your consideration. Thanks.


Best template I could do in a short time. Maybe someone can make a printable 1:1 template from this.

The inked templates are drawn roughly circling the wood template with a ball pen. So, the template might be 1-2 mm larger than the real thing. I think this is the best to use, as you will lose somewhat the same amount when cutting the wood.

The cardboard pieces are the ones I used to draw around on the wood, as to highlight where to cut.




I found a use for the 3M High Temperature Flue Tape as a bean deflector without worrying about melting plastic.


I’d love a set, please! How much?


It’s a DIY project. Or you could 3D print some. There are a few designs out there you could use. I’m sure someone here will set you up with some designs if you request it.


If you 3D print it, as Jacob said be aware of the temperatures, so at least print in ABS. There are some STL files on the Facebook Aillio group that can just clip on the front legs like I did with mine:


Here’s a simple DIY bean deflector template. I did mine with a small aluminium sheet.

DIY-Bean-Deflector.pdf (1.3 MB)


Some pretty cool hacks there.

For me just holding the door open a little bit the first 5-10 sec helps a lot, I only have 1 or 2 “escapees” per roast.


I do the same thing of holding the drop-door just slightly open to control the peripheral flight of some beans. The home-made designs here show the creative-mojo that is often present in home coffee-roasters. :sunglasses: