Beta 584

What’s new/changed in Beta Firmware 584 vs. the current Stable Firmware?

@jacob is there a place we can submit bugs and stuff or is this post good?

Things I’ve noticed.

  1. Fan speed A,B and C no longer available.

  2. Power level in RoasTime can go up to 10 sometimes, no effect on actual power.

  3. When fan is changed to 1. Sometimes I get A-01 and then fan drops to 0 and stays there.

  4. This is just something I’ve notice on RoasTime. Can’t drag sliders. Shows a :no_entry_sign: on the mouse cursor.

So I noticed the A,B,C fan speeds are available during cooldown, but not roasting.

I’m not able to change the fan speed beyond F9 during COOL, when I was previously able to reach FA, Fb, or FC. I am able to change to FA, Fb, or FC during SHUD only.
This seems to have been introduced in the beta firmware before 584 from earlier this year. The beta firmware that shipped with my roaster (about a year ago) didn’t have this issue. I can’t remember the version numbers.

Yes the fan speeds of FA-FC are now only available in shut down mode. The main reason is to support the new more powerful cooling tray fan that is shipped with the Bullet, as running this together with high exhaust fan speeds will exceed the power supply rating. For certified Bullets it is also a question of certifications.
We will try to improve this in the future, making it dynamically so if the cooling tray has a lower power then you will be able to run a higher exhaust fan setting.


Thank you for the response. When did the new cooling fan tray start shipping? Is an upgrade orderable for existing cooling fan trays? Are any performance improvement metrics available?

That would be excellent Jacob for those of us using the external cooling tray from Jerome at Coffee Tea

Since serial number 3668.
You can contact Aillio if you want to purchase one.
The power requirement is 2.5 times the older one but I don’t know how this translates into faster cooling times, but it is much faster for sure.

Is it just a more powerful fan? Like, if I swapped my fan for a stronger one?

Yes just more power.

I’d be interested in purchasing an upgrade to the cooling tray Jacob.

write to I think they can sell you one.