Colder climate and roasting in garage or shed


Thanks for the response Jacob. I am not concerned with it not starting up or working in the colder climates but because I use a heater to heat the space for when I roast, my concern is leaving it there and condensation forming, freezing, and then thawing. Rinse and repeat. Last time I did that in my garage my ratchets didn’t last too long.

The Bullet has been amazing and I want to do what I can to extend the life as long as I can. Plus, I want some consistency in roasting so I ensure I roast above 50F. nice to know it can handle the colder temps though!


Yep. I agree. If the temperature in my unwarmed shed is below zero (Celcius, not Fahrenheit :slight_smile: ) I receive an error message which stands for “overheated”. After warming the drum with a hairdryer above zero degrees, it starts up the normal way. In winter I have to lower the fan and raise the power. Try to keep the focus on the IBTS, but that is not always reliable because I have to clean it after approximately 10-15 kilograms.


All great advice. I keep the Roaster indoors, so there is no worry about staying in cold. If I did, I would look at getting some blankets to keep the roaster covered and not getting the brittle cold. I hope to have some venting added in the garage for exhausting the smoke, chaff. And get a nice space heater. Or look for a possible over the stove vents that might be worth investing in.

Next time I will use your search suggestion in Roastime.

I know that when roasting with most beans, 192 degrees Celsius is first crack, I get it there and watch the beans development stage and try slowing the roast down about that time. Once I hit that temp, I have to be careful because the temp usually climbs fast and I have to keep from hitting that 203 degrees, as it starts beeping and throws an error. Also, I don’t want the beans to go to dark. What I have had help, is opening the bean plug, can help cool the roaster to where it will start dropping temps, extending the roast.

Everyone have a great new year.