Export Roast Summary from 2019


I would like to be able to download a SUMMARY of all roasts from 2019. I basically need the date, Bean, Weight in, weight out.

Any suggestions on how to get this output?

Download Profiles? Profile database?

I’d like to do the same but the display only gives us green weight. Can’t help with that.

As an aside, I occasionally highlight My Beans with the mouse, copy it (Ctl-C in Win 10), and paste into an Excel spreadsheet (Ctl-V). With a couple formulas that gives me current inventory and total amount of greens roasted (simultaneously telling my wife I have way too many beans!). My Roasts gives you individual charge weight by roast, but yield data wasn’t part of the designer’s plan.



it is all being redesigned to give you a lot better overview… just not ready for prime time yet.


Sounds very promising, but do you mean Roast World is being redesigned, or RT? Thanks, and great article in your newsletter about venting.


X2 on the article! It’s similar to what I just did so of course I agree 100%. :slight_smile:



Any chance this will mean being able to export data to external services? It would be great if we could use Zapier or Automate.io (or similar) to be able to sync roasts with other database software such as Airtable.


@wngsprd Both RT and RW are being overhauled. The design of RT hasn’t changed much, but under the hood there is a lot of work done as well as a lot of new features (in regards to RT).

@alexmacintyre That is an interesting idea. I will add it to our backlog.

@Jody_Akens Sorry I didn’t see this until now. I have this in the backlog now.