First Roast by Novice Roaster - Feedback/Tips Please!

Hello roasters!

I just completed my first non-seasoning roast - Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth

I have yet to try the beans but Im thinking I probably pulled them too early? I followed the first roast recipe from Aillio but have trouble hearing the first crack so wasn’t sure when to end the roast.

Could you provide any tips on what you use to decide when to change power/fan/drum? I assume the ROR calculation on the front of the machine is a good indicator?

Sorry for my noob questions, just here to learn!


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I am way too much of a noob to answer your questions.
My second non-seasoning roast was with the same bean just a few days ago: Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth
Massive bergamot flavor when I did a pour-over 12 hours after roasting. First time in ages I was smacked in the face with a really distinct flavor (I will not miss my Behmor).
Also makes a good espresso as an SO and a fantastic espresso blended 50/50.

I went a little slower and darker than you. I think next time I will try to roast this a little quicker. It’s great to have 9 more pounds of this bean to play with. I’d be interested to hear what you think of your roast after tasting it.

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I feel like you two are really smart about having this mutual conversation. Something about both of your approaches shows you’re on to something.

If you need any outside input, i’ve got an ongoing thread about best general recipes and approaches. I test them out and give feedback on the roasts.

I’ll keep following this thread here too. fascinating discussion!


Initially I would say that I get a really strong lemon scent from the coffee. Taste wise it is a lot up front but came out a lot more sour/bitter than I was hoping then not a lot on the back end. I am going to try to get it to about 200 IBTS at 8 minutes and then drop it at 10 minutes at 205 IBTS. Hoping this will get it to develop a bit more after first crack.

Any chance you could share the ongoing thread?

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it has just begun. will be cupping the tomorrow for a follow up. unfortunately both the mentioned recipes failed for me, as my roasting machine does not like maintaining P8 or P9 and often trips an error. i thought it was just because of the summer. but smaller batches and lower power settings work fine.

If any of the roasts work for you, feel free to comment on that thread your experience. it is completely open. as time goes on, i’ll be posting the best working roasts toward the beginning of the thread. so it will have some organization and no one will have to scroll to find recipes

Second roast with these beans:

This time much less bergamot and a touch more acidic. I’ll try to extend development time next time I roast this to somewhere in between. Delicious but different.

(I don’t trust the fc/yellow times in my first roast log. Comparing the dev time using temperature only the first roast had ~ 20 seconds more.)

Doing 225g roasts now (so I can experiment more) and using as simple a roast plan as possible. (Been reading a lot of Munchow.) I think I’m sold on using recipes and the IBTS only especially after listening to Aillio Bullet: Interview with the inventor Jonas Lillie