Roast World site down?


For at least several hours now, when I try to go to to check on beans, roasts, etc, all I get is

We’re sorry, but something went wrong.
We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly.


Same here.


Same here.

I just upgraded my Firmware to 523, so that is working…and my roast history is available through RT now while I am roasting. Hope my Roast World inventory updates from this roast when it comes back up.


It appears to be that portion of the site related to Users (Roasts & Beans).



Finally found the link to Status that was provided when this came up back in May 2019-

Which confirms… the site is down. Yeah. Kinda figured.

Wondering if this means roasts aren’t going to be saved right now… ?? And that with s/w that doesn’t save roast data locally.



Good News.

I logged into Roast.World successfully this morning…I did 2 roasts while the site was down yesterday…so I looked this morning to see if my 2 roasts showed up…nope, nor did my inventory change for those two beans.

Then I opened RT and voila - Roast.World instantly updated, so now my beans inventory and roasts are correct.


That contradicts what I thought we were told here. RT must indeed have local storage. Good news! And thanks for sharing that.