Suggestions for Future Updates


I’m on roast 5 with my bullet. First two batches were a mess. Next three were great, will be curious how they taste. But hearing FC is pretty difficult compared to my smaller Quest M3 which is like popcorn in a microwave. I got confused a few times and so yah, a way to change it mid roast is great. On Artisan you can just right click at a point on your BT to mark it exactly there. I wish they would team up…I’m still missing Artisan but can’t get it to connect.


With the current reliance on the old V1 USB drivers, it can be a dance to get Artisan connected. You absolutely can’t do it with RT2 installed due to driver conflicts. I have asked Matt to look at helping the Artisan guys out by trying to get this resolved so both Artisan and RT use the same and can co-exist. I’d see they would complement each other depending on whether you felt you were in a Roasting Lite or Advanced frame of mind…