Suggestions for Future Updates

I’m on roast 5 with my bullet. First two batches were a mess. Next three were great, will be curious how they taste. But hearing FC is pretty difficult compared to my smaller Quest M3 which is like popcorn in a microwave. I got confused a few times and so yah, a way to change it mid roast is great. On Artisan you can just right click at a point on your BT to mark it exactly there. I wish they would team up…I’m still missing Artisan but can’t get it to connect.

With the current reliance on the old V1 USB drivers, it can be a dance to get Artisan connected. You absolutely can’t do it with RT2 installed due to driver conflicts. I have asked Matt to look at helping the Artisan guys out by trying to get this resolved so both Artisan and RT use the same and can co-exist. I’d see they would complement each other depending on whether you felt you were in a Roasting Lite or Advanced frame of mind…


You know what feature I’d love? Could we limit the number of times the roaster says “charge” once it enters charge mode? I hate listening to it repeat itself over and over while I’m preparing to charge it or letting it sit and warm the drum further.


ohhhh yes plz shut her a bit up

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One other thing - I think marking phase changes in RoastTime should count toward resetting the 2-minute dead man’s switch timer. I’m obviously present and consciously allowing the roast’s heat/fan to be left alone if I’m marking things in RT.


Two simple things I’d like to see is a thinner line/stroke for the ROR curve and a thicker line/stroke for the 200C (equivalent in F) on the Y axis. For most of us FC occurs in the threshold of the 200C mark, so, a thicker line would make it easier to predict the time it will occur, especially with the bean predict on. On a side note, a small indicator (cursor) like on the X axis for the current roast time would be very helpful too.

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dolphin plugs on the wires to shutoff incase electric upsurge

The suggested clean-up being 10Kgs and 30Kgs, would be great to get a notification when those thresholds are crossed.

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Just realized last evening that the milestones recorded in the roast profiles record the yellowing, FC, etc. as the time they happen. Would be immensely helpful if the temperature they occur (IBTS) are also recorded. That would be a really useful milestone to refer to when roasting later. Based on the various factors the time, say, FC occurs may vary for a bean but, the temperature it occurs is mostly the same.


If you have RT3.0.76 installed, you should see it when you hover on the event box. In Win10 they refer to it as a Tool Tip- I’m sure Mac must have something similar.


As a safety feature, can the 240C line (equivalent in F) be marked with a bold colour than the rest of the horizontal lines?

I was on my 3rd b2b roast last evening when I had a P0 error. I could recover my roast but the momentum had dropped. Since the order was for a dark roast past 2C, and I roast using a DTR and delta temperature combo, trying to keep track of those, failed to see that my bean and IBTS had crossed the 240C mark.

With the 240C line bold and in a different colour it would be easier to see the temps reaching near the upper threshold.

Curious: Did you have an alarm sound when the P=0 error occurred? I have this error occasionally and it is accompanied by an audible alarm but no ErC. I have most often seen it during preheat (both before the first roast and between back-to-back roasts) and infrequently during a roast. I’ve been told the error is saved as a comm error but I don’t necessarily see anything in the Logs display.


Ditto here. A beep and P dropped to 0. No log entries though.

I prefer to plan my roasts ahead of time…sometimes two or three days. My previous roasting software allowed me to build my roasts ahead of time, ( ie, enter bean weights and characteristics, temperatures, and notes such as expectations, things to watch for, previous roast observations, desired outcomes, etc.). I could then save these roast plans. I would do this for all roasts I was planning for a given roasting day. On roast day, I could see everything I’d already planned, gather beans, and prepare. Then, I would open each roast, prepare the roaster and, then start the prepared roast from the software. I would really love to be able to do the same thing with Roast Time. As it stands, I don’t see away to pre-stage or pre-prepare my software for upcoming roasts. No way to schedule ahead of time. Any chance I might see something like this in the future?

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That’s what I see & hear.

I have no way of knowing if log entries are related, only that somtimes there are 1 or more (they could have been there earlier). I was told that there are entries on the server indicating a comm error in the roaster (not USB comm) had occurred. I always note the incident in Comments so I or tech support sees a marker to compare to time stamps.

I’ve tried each time to see the control panel during the beep but I just can’t react and turn fast enough. I have seen the windows of the control panel changing from dark to a normal display but I don’t know if there was something else previously displayed briefly or if the display had gone blank and was turning back on.

Anyway, thanks for confirming. I haven’t bothered reporting the last several as the control bd & power bd have already been replaced (less frequent since these changes).


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This is our “recipe” feature - it is in both v2 and v3. Let me know if you need help with it.


I’d like to be able to select my own delta window for the ROR calc on either BT or IBTS. The 1 sec window (I think?) on BT is a bit too small and would be helpful if we could choose a larger span (ie 15s, 30s, 60s, etc) that would smooth out the curve more. Thanks!


Also, would be helpful if downloaded roasts were kept separate from my roasts. It gets confusing that they come in by the date the other user roasted. Thanks!

I’d like the ability to edit the total roast time, to trim off the part of the profile after I’ve dumped the beans but before I’ve properly hit the PRS button :astonished:.

Also, there are times when my newest saved roast has not appeared on the list in RoastTime.

Any update on the topic „Type in bean data on the fly“, do you have an outlook when function will be released?