V2 Induction Board: ErC 256/512/480


I was feeling hopeful from this, plugged in to update firmware and didn’t get the error. Updated firmware and it told me to unplug and replug everything before roasting and it’s back to throwing the error.

I had sent an email to my distributor last week but the person they added for support hasnt gotten back to me. Will open a ticket.


Just got the same error on mine 4 seasoning roasts in. At least its an early failure that can be fixed. Definitely frustrating though!


What firmware are you on? Will the Bullet not heat up now?


The error started before I updated so im not sure but I updated to version 523 and had same problem. The unit will not heat up. Sweet Marias support was quick to send me a new board so hopefully Ill be back roasting soon.


I just got my new board but no instructions. Is there a schematic somewhere showing how the PCB is attached to the drum? I cannot find any screws.


I just received my new board and no instructions. Im waiting to hear back from sweet marias support. Ill update when I find out!


Where can I find instructions to install the induction board. I have the replacement but need a video or guide to install.
Also what tools do I need?


I got the instructions today from Sweet Maria’s. All good.


I’m getting an ERC 256 error code for the second time. I was able to fix it by updating the firmware the first time but that trick is not working this time after SEVERAL attempts. Do I need a new board? If so, how do I get one?

Thank you.



Go to Aillio.com -> Support and open a Trouble Ticket. You can also do it using RT -> Messages -> Trouble

If you bought from Sweet Maria’s you can e-Mail them directly.



As Bruce suggests, please open a ticket with your distributor, or with Aillio if you purchased direct from us.


Long story short I bought 2 bullets in 2014. Believing in the project since the beginning. Shipped 6 July 2015, 2017 i remove the bad diode, but it seem the coil was damage. They se nd me a new one arrived. I had problems until finally one moth ago 2020 I put the new coil in my bullet. I was very happy, did 10 roast and now. Error 256 is coming In the new V2 coil version 110v. Roastime updated 2.5.5 firmware, it sees again I was lucky. V2 also failed. Any help. Sees bullet responds to some directions but will not heat up again.


Forgot to say. Bullet serial number S/N000070


Serial no 2276. Got 0000 and 0001 errors to begin with. After a few unplugs and turn ons, the error changed to 256. After a few more unplugs ans restarts, was able to preheat and roast a batch. During the cooling phase the error recured.

Fingers crossed… :roll_eyes:


Not sure that this is related to your Error Codes, but if you are cycling power to reset the Bullet and getting changing results, try removing the power then wait a bit (15 sec? 20 sec? not sure). I found when doing f/w updates that I had to repeat cycling power several times before it actually reset itself. I have an external switch which makes it easy to turn it off for a sec or 2, then back on. It just wasn’t resetting properly till I used a longer pause.



Thank you for the tip. Looks like it’s more than a reset required this time though: a possible induction board failure. :sweat:


Ouch! Hope they can get one to you quickly.



Got an email from Aillio saying that they would be sending a replacement board. This pandemic though is messing up with the shipping and related timeline. On a positive note, looks like a simple replacement and looking at related posts, there haven’t been any recurence once the faulty boards are identified and replaced.

The fact that most of the repairs are DIY is actually raising my confidence further on the Bullet. I’d dread having to ship a roaster for servicing or to wait for technicians to come and do their thing at my end.


Everything I’ve had to deal with so far has been that way. Which is not to say I’ll be able to do everything that comes up (the thought I could some day have to replace the cable from the power board to the control panel makes me want to check shipping cost back to Sweet Maria’s!).



I can say for my part, I just got a replacement induction board a few weeks ago, and everything has been working well so far (fingers crossed!)

Don’t know where firmware will be at when you get your board, but as an FYI I needed to upgrade to beta 558 immediately, otherwise I got Err32 overheat warnings b/c the threshold is set a bit too low in the floor version.