150 Gram sample roast

A post to say that the sample roast curve I am working off of in the youtube video is available under my username as " SM_SampleRoast 150gr 9min v3.
Will see if this link works. Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth
Video is at Sample Roasting in Aillio Bullet - YouTube


Tom, I always enjoy watching your videos, especially now that we are using the same roaster for the first time in 20yrs! :sunglasses:

I’ve not tried anything less than 1lb roasts in the Bullet, but will hafta explore it just for the fun of learning something new and having an excuse to roast more often on the Bullet. Thanks!

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There’s something odd about the chart Thompson. The chart data says Pre-heat was 32°F but it was clearly higher than that when you charged the roast (~ 430°F?). And the chart shows about 4m 30s of roast duration (no indication of 1stC) yet your notes indicate the roast duration was 9m 03s. Looks like the chart is truncated. Wonder if the file was corrupted when it was uploaded… ??

Look forward to trying this when you have a chart you’re happy with. I had been uneasy about using a sample this small. This was the encouragement I needed to just do what I need to do! Thanks for posting this Thompson.


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Yes that’s wrong… charge was to 225c and roast was 9:43. Let me try to upload again and I will double check it’s correct. Thanks for catching that

Glad to see success in your smaller size roasts. I’ve only been roasting at 454g so far, but have some smaller lots of green beans leftover from my previous roaster. Now I’ll try them SO rather than mixing them into a blend.

By the way, your company did a first class job on prepping and handling my Bullet order. Thanks.

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Please let us know how the smaller batches turn out! Like you so far I have only done 1# (454g) batches, but this video has encouraged me to try roasting some 1/2 pound batches.

I have done 300g and 235g without issues with the new IBTS sensor…

I checked the chart and see that the time bar among the bottom has the roast at like 4 minutes (wrong) but the list of roasts has it at 9:03 and the time stages at the bottom add up to 9:03. So I think the graph is a UI bug with the Mac software and the roast data is ok. I’m going to replay the roast in a few minutes to check. I actually want to push the roast a little harder to get it to 8:15-8:30 and see how it cups. The cupping results from this roast so far are very favorable compared side by side with Probat and Ikawa. I’m going to also try the roast on the non-IBTS version of the thermoprobe to see how it does…

Hey Tom, years later on this post, but I’m curious if you ever landed on an ideal roast profile for sample roasts ? I have some samples on hand and don’t want to ruin anything leading me to reject what otherwise might be an incredible coffee.

All the best from Toronto!