2.0.9b lost connection

I just was notified to update to 2.0.9beta from 2.0.8beta. 2.0.8 was talking to the roaster perfectly, but upon install of 2.0.9, I can’t get the sw to recognize the roaster. I tried: resetting the computer, resetting the roaster, and finally deleting and reinstalling 2.0.8b. This worked.

I’m on an old macbook air running High Sierra 10.13.6.

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@andrewcoecoffee thanks for alerting us of your issue. Investigating further there is a bug in a USB library we use which is causing the issue for some versions of OSX.
We will be re-releasing for mac with a working version shortly. In the meantime 2.0.9 will only be available to windows users, any users who may have experienced your issue please downgrade to 2.0.8.

Where can the windows 2.0.9 be downloaded from? I cannot finds it.