2.2.0 Feedback

Today, I again experienced the frustration of RT 2.2.0 (Win x64) freezing shortly after charge. I was trying to replay a profile, but RT stopped responding at 0:14. This has happened once before. In the RT1, one could just exit and restart, and at least have overlay and graphs, but RT2 will not allow this.

FWIW: I had what might be the same issue in the earlier 2.1.xx beta. For me it was an issue with °F (my usual) vs. °C. If I switched to °C the chart would start updating and fill in the missing data. Switching back to °F caused the chart to stop updating.

In my case the issue seems to have disappeared with 2.2.xx beta which is inconsistent with your experience, but it might be worth experimenting with °F vs. °C.

After updating to RT 2.2.0 the Room Humidity and Ambient Temperature are not showing after Weight Loss on the vertical info band on the lower left of the screen. If I Toggle Full Screen under “View” they become visible , but I am sure that is not what was intended. Win 10-64

Correction: “…lower RIGHT of screen” (not left)

I couldn’t find my beans anymore. I clicked on the link “login to Allio ID to see beans”, but that didn’t work. When I hoovered over the screen to bottom left, a rectangle appears with “logout”:

So I was assuming that I was logged in. That was not the case. I “logged out” (even a screen occurs with “are you sure”) and logged in again. Only now I was logged in (notice that cloud stored roastnames appears now, not the locally stored roastnames, and the purple icon that appears when logged in):

This is confusing. Please change the icon (half moon with arrow) in “arrow right” when you have to login and “arrow left” to logout. Or perhaps even better: use “LOGIN” and “LOGOUT” buttons (see examples below)