200v-250v option for US?

I’m looking very seriously about purchasing a V2 when it is next in stock in the United States. According to the Aillio website, the 200v-250v version is somewhat more efficent than the 110v. Is there any way to utlize the higher voltage model in the US or are there too many inconsistances with power requirements to make this safe/feasible…or is this a non-issue with the V2 providing more power across the board anyways?

I have a V2 220v and i used it while I was in houston. I connected it to a 3000watt voltage converter which was then plugged into a 20amp wall socket. You could connect it to a 220v dryer socket if you want to and if I go back I will be doing that. I roasted about 25 times all the way from 250g to 1kg with zero issues.

I now roast in the Uk so I don’t have to use the transformer and I don’t think there is any difference in the time it takes to roast a large batch in the uk or houston.

On a separate note I did have a v1 110v in houston as well (which I sold to a friend) and I could tell the 220v V2 was much more powerful. I think it was The v1 verse V2 improvement more than a 110v 220v issue. I also noticed that if I used a 15amp wall socket on my 110v v1 it wasn’t as powerful as running it off a 20amp wall socket. This was more likely my house wiring but worth a check if your having power issues.

A bit late, but I have a 220V and just ran a dedicated 240V circuit from my electrical panel.

What kind of outlet receptacle did you use. Dryer type ? What lead did you use to connect the Bullet ?

Just a 6-20R outlet. For the cable, first I cut the cord that came with the roaster and replaced the plug end with one from Home Depot (the included plug is a standard US end, don’t plug it into a normal outlet!), but then I purchased this replacement. Amazon.com

Thanks for the info and I’m glad to see somebody else has considered and done this. So it appears it is possible to match the voltage (and plug/outlet) needs but I’ve read that most EU power is supplied in 50hz vs the 60hz we have in the United States. I would assume that the 220v version of the Bullet is “expecting” to receive 50hz when plugged in? Perhaps Aillio will weigh in on this?

Per the Specifications in the User’s Manual:

● Bullet R1 - Input Voltage: 200V-240V. 50Hz-60Hz
● Bullet R1/120V - Input Voltage: 100V-127V. 50Hz-60Hz


Initially when I received my bullet there were some issues that might have been related to the 60hz (I think I had the first V2 in the US?) but Jacob helped me out and a firmware update fixed everything.