2018 v2 IBTS Install Help (Negative Temperature Values)

I have a February 2018 board that I had to solder the connector to. That part went smoothly, but then I received a 7 cable connector with all black wires.

I had to cut off one end and try to match colors shown on the installation guide. I didn’t have a crimp tool, so I went ahead and soldered wires together from the existing sensor. Everything seemed to boot up ok, but I’m getting negative readings on ibts sensor. (Ex: immediately after starting a roast I’m seeing ~ -59C temperature).

Any idea which wire may be mixed up?

L → R: Green, Red, Orange, Black

L → R: Empty, Empty, Yellow, Red, Black, Empty

From this pic, I determined the wire order to be

  1. Black: Right side
  2. Red: Right side
  3. Yellow: Right side
  4. Black: Left side
  5. Orange: Left side
  6. Red: Left side
  7. Green Left side.

Does anyone spot any mistakes? I was thinking 2 wires are probably swapped since I’m seeing negative readings.

I took it apart and made sure everything was snug, placed everything back, and the negative values quickly went positive after a few seconds? I think I may have pulled IBTS a bit out of place when connecting the wires. Seems to be working accurately now.

:crossed_fingers:t4: Hope all works out… man… if I were faced with your situation I wouldn’t even know where to being!! :laughing:

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Just completed first two roasts! All seems to be well. Will leave this post up in case any others run across it. The Aillio instructions aren’t bad, other than it took about 10 different photos to figure out wire colors and how to line up what goes where. Would have been nice to have thrown in multiple cable options in on the IBTS upgrade.