3.2.3 Preheat Temp IBTS bug

Just updated to 3.2.3 on Mac today. The preheat temp for my recipe was set for 310C and when I roasted today I noticed it automatically got changed 100C. I went back into my recipe to change it back 310C but after saving, the recipe is still saved as 100C.
Work around right now for me is using preheat at 305C which has no problem.
Other recipes at lower preheat temps were not effected.

On another note, does anyone have problem with the recipes not accepting fan speed higher than 9 on the Mac RoastTime? I haven’t been able to set any higher since the update to V3

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Thanks for the information, will look into that problem.
As new Bullets are limited to F9 during roasting we have limited the max fan in recipes as well. Are you using anything higher in your recipes normally?

I like to use F10 during part of the roast to push out the smoke and chaff.
Thanks for the response.

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While I can understand being upset when encountering bugs, we do try our best to catch everything we can before releases. We are a very small team and bugs are inevitable in such a large application. Also just want to point out that RoasTime is provided to you for free and you are definitely not locked in. There are plenty of users here who have/are using other software applications.

Sorry for any bad experience some bugs may have caused you. We are definitely trying to improve the quality of releases while also balancing getting new features out with the resources we have.


In the real world, all software can have “undocumented features” because there are nearly an infinite number of test cases. Some of the weirdest bugs I have seen have included the fact that the client machine had an IP address which contained an “80” in one of the octets. How any test program would catch that is beyond me. The real answer is a prompt reaction by the software developers to reported issues. With some companies that can take months or years to even acknowledge so I must stand up and say I appreciate how Aillio is reachable and responsive when they have already sold you the hardware and aren’t making additional revenue from adding new features to the software. Again I know of some areas where the software is v0.9 for hardware that is two years old. It met the “minimum viable product” criterion and was shipped. Never to be updated again.

Now to your second point, the current alternative is Artisan but don’t expect it to be a perfect software experience (from my first hand). Look at their Github and you will see as they release new features, they often require additional work or break other older features. They also have nobody on the dev team who has an R1 yet they claim device support. I had to sight read some code and identify for them an issue I was having with Batch counters. They initially told me that there was no issue and they couldn’t reproduce the problem, which only showed up if you actually had an R1 connected at the time, Again, a quirk of testing.

If you want to use Artisan on Windows with the R1 you need the older libusb-win drivers as Artisan team have nobody who is prepared to work with the winusb driver update that RT currently switched to after V1. Other posters have mentioned a utility called Zadig which makes switching drivers more user friendly. Current version of RT cannot work with the older libusb driver. If you’re a MacOS user, I think they can co-exist (but not run both at the same time) as the driver implementation is handled without Device Mangler of Windows :wink:

Like I said, I can appreciate the frustration, but software happens…one reason a self driving car is not on my shopping list any time soon.


I would agree that a lot of people would prefer to choose an update and that should be an easy switch.

Most recent releases of Artisan do support the IBTS - under Device Config both options are there. So you can have the IBTS temperature plot and RoR.

You misread my exuberant joy at finding bugs - would I prefer there were none ? Sure who wouldn’t. But to err is human and I am more thankful there is someone actively looking at them and resolving them than filing them in a dusty Github for a year or more with no expected resolution or update. No names no pack drill.

Oh boy…We do test!!
The latest version 3.2.3 improves on a lot of thing but yeah we don’t catch every bug - that is impossible. We have help from the community to do tests (which we really appreciate) before new software is released, and we carry out our own internal testing and we have one QC person. So saying this is untested is not true, but sometimes people don’t realize how complex this stuff is…

You are not locked into using RT, you can use Artisan for free and it supports the IBTS basic features.

I’m not sure what you mean about this. You do not need to be logged in to use RT if that is what you are asking, and your profiles are stored locally so you could open them with any editor. Also we open source drivers so you are not forced to use RT.

I don’t know how to do it for Mac or Linux, but if you have Windows start by going to the Dashboard on R.W. Copy the file name from the URL- that portion after the “/”. Go to Windows Explorer and choose your C: drive. Paste the copied file name into Search and let Windows Explorer locate the file. That will give you the sub-directories you need to navigate to find the files. For example…

File name copied from my R.W Dashboard URL: ISAEZ9igsV7ifHpXogBT4

Search result:

So the location on my Win10 machine is C:\Users\bab\AppData\Roaming\roast-time\roasts where …\bab… is the local Win10 User name, not the user name from R.W.

There must be a similar approach for Mac users if that applies.


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