3.3.2 requires force quit on Mac OS

After completing a roast, I can not close RoasTime with menu bar quit or task bar quit. I have to “Alt” quit on the task bar to get “force quit” option.

screen capture video

RoasTime will sometimes quit normally if I start the application and quit without doing a roast.


Yes, I have this problem as well - except, it won’t quit regardless of if I have run a roast or not.
(Thanks, I have been meaning to post this for the last couple of weeks since I got my roaster.)

Command-Q doesn’t even do anything. But if I click the red close window button, I am prompted whether I want to exit, and although the window closes, the app stays open.

I use several other Electron apps without this issue.
I have not yet tried it on an M1 mac.

This bug is also present with macOS Big Sur 11.4 on MacBook Air M1.

Win10 uses the same exit- red-close/X with a confirmation. No other exit that I know of.


I’m running Catalina, and did also have this problem. Inexplicably, it seems to have resolved itself over the last week or so. Weird.

I experienced the same proper exit behavior on yesterday’s roast.

Just chiming in. M1 MacBook. I have to force quit at least 90% of the time

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same here on a MacBook Pro 14 on Monterey.
The Aillio is a nice piece of hardware but for the software there is a lot of room to improve

This shutdown procedure for RoasTime 3.3.2 is working well for me (macOS Big Sur 11.4 on MacBook Air M1):

  1. Close the window using the red X in the upper left
  2. “Are you sure you want to quit?” > Yes
  3. Then from the top menu RoasTime > Quit RoasTime

No more hung processes. Pretty simple, and @derrxb perhaps a clue to what is missing in the implementation?


Hey everyone,

I think I can answer some of these questions:

What would you specifically like to improve?

i am having problems communicating with my mac and RT wont recognize my mouse clicks have to click like crazy. Sometimes stop and restart to get mouse to work

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is your mac bogged down by some app? can you check what is running and using the resources?

This thread was very helpful! Since many of us on a Mac might just go directly to the RoasTime menu and select “Quit RoastTime” (or selecting Command Q) to exit; that used to work in previous version but seems to be an issue now… it won’t fully quit.

If you follow Bradm’s advice and first close the RT window with the red x first AND THEN go to the RoastTime menu and select quit, it works like it should.

Since I now know how to work around it with needing to first close the app window, it seems minor, but I foresee a lot of mac people being confused on why the app won’t quit with the ‘Commmand Q’ command as typical mac apps do