3.3.2 requires force quit on Mac OS

After completing a roast, I can not close RoasTime with menu bar quit or task bar quit. I have to “Alt” quit on the task bar to get “force quit” option.

screen capture video

RoasTime will sometimes quit normally if I start the application and quit without doing a roast.


Yes, I have this problem as well - except, it won’t quit regardless of if I have run a roast or not.
(Thanks, I have been meaning to post this for the last couple of weeks since I got my roaster.)

Command-Q doesn’t even do anything. But if I click the red close window button, I am prompted whether I want to exit, and although the window closes, the app stays open.

I use several other Electron apps without this issue.
I have not yet tried it on an M1 mac.

This bug is also present with macOS Big Sur 11.4 on MacBook Air M1.

Win10 uses the same exit- red-close/X with a confirmation. No other exit that I know of.


I’m running Catalina, and did also have this problem. Inexplicably, it seems to have resolved itself over the last week or so. Weird.

I experienced the same proper exit behavior on yesterday’s roast.

Just chiming in. M1 MacBook. I have to force quit at least 90% of the time

same here on a MacBook Pro 14 on Monterey.
The Aillio is a nice piece of hardware but for the software there is a lot of room to improve