3 things i realy need/wants

i would realy like that the dead man switch sound, comes with a differnt sound, compared to all the other error codes, i am roasting 10-20 roast back to back, and i icnore the sound up to 30 sec because i have that time to get over to the roaster, so i think i would be better with 2 sounds, one for accual errors and one for death man, i think in the long run its safer and i dont “panic” when the death man switch turns on
i am a mouse hater!!!, would it be posible to make the roasttime software, more keybord freindly, espesly when i am logging my roast, where i just could, whrite ‘tap’ whrite ‘tap’ ect and hit enter for finnish, and like in word and excel have 'alt*+letter for shortcuts, i would realy like if i did not have to use the mouse at all
i realy dont see the point of varieble cooling speed, maybe some do, i cool on fullspeed and turn off be pressing 10 times or so for turn off, i would like and on(which i always does by stopping roast) and the a just one hit for off, but i u can do that u need one hit for turn on again if i hit off by mistake, “just” make it as an option so thouse who like the varieble speed also could have it

https://roastime.aillio.com/ my avg is blocking this site dont know why, and have done for a long while now

pps pardon for my english, i know its not good :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input.

  1. We have plan to add more sounds using the speaker in the future, but this is not being worked on this time. We would need RT to update the sounds files in the Bullet which is not an easy job.

  2. Better keyboard support will be introduced in the next version of RT. There will be keyboard short cuts for many functions. and you will also be able to control the power / Fan etc by your keyboard.

  3. You are the first to comment on this, but I agree this could be improved.

Thanks for the inputs


Wow… So happy to to hear about number 1. and 2. Keep up the good work! :+1:

About number 3. I myself haven’t really considered it but thinking about it I have never used anything else than full power for cooling… Who needs to cool their beens just a little anyway?


@Nicolas Completely agree, I either want to cool my beans or not so full blast as default cooling mode would be awesome.



I think it’s more about having to toggle the button 10 times at the end of a back-to-back cool to get the fan off.

I love all 3. Great feature suggestions!

agree with 1 and 3, understand the need for both in point 2.

I have used variable cooling fan speed when experimenting with adding flavouring, trying to keep more latent heat in the beans to absorb a liquid or powder over time. If the beans cool too quickly, the absorption capability reduces.

This is interesting because it seems that everyone wants to cool beans as quickly as possible to prevent further “cooking” (same principle with cooking a roast and letting it rest, while resting it is still “cooking”). Have you found that slower cooling leads to better flavor? Do you compensate with a slightly earlier drop temp? Just curious.

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late to the party on this one. But to solve issue 3 couldn’t you just allow it to cycle back to zero? if it has 10 speeds, then pressing up goes to go back to zero.Doing so would prevent having to decrease it from 10 to zero.


Only when using flavoring additives, otherwise I am rapid cooling as quickly as possible like everyone else.
The flavoring samples I use are all natural based products and had different absorption rates than others trialled previously. I found that having a bit more heat in the beans helped the flavoring absorption into the beans, rather than just having an obvious coating of flavor on the bean shell.
Rider comment - I have only done flavoring additives in small batches for individual personal use, as whole beans, pre ground, capsules and pods. I have not done any on a larger scale for commercial supply.

With the IBTS in the bullet, I am more about hitting DV % markers than drop temp. My Bullet changes environment regularly from indoor room, outdoor roasting shed (shipping container), and back of truck at markets, so I get lots of environmental variables.
I have however just commissioned a 5kg Rio electric roaster with no profiling capacity, so am quickly back shifting my techniques to focus on sensory roasting, time and temp intervals again. theSe see if this translates back to bullet use.