3D printed cooling tray adapter for 3" duct

I use 4" line for the main exhaust and 3" for the cooling tray. I dont use the Aillio cooling tray adapter. I designed mine to mount the same as the Aillio part. Just thought i would put this out there and see if anyone has interest. I can set it up as a new in my shop if there is interest.

Have you through about using magnets instead of the screws? Asking simply because where i store my Bullet after roasting I won’t be able to have a piece that long attached to the chaff fan. Would need a strong magnet though.

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I think the design would lend itself to that with minor modifications. I would need to do a little research into availabke magnets and see how much holding power they have.

Hi Shane, been looking for something like, going into 100mm duct. Is this something you can do? Cheers

Let me take a look into it and get back with you. It may take me a couple of days. My schedule is pretty busy this week.
Would it be 100mm ID for the duct?

Yeah, i am look at connecting to a 100mm t-junction that joins the upper vent. I should ask are you in the UK? Thanks

I am in the USA, but have shipped my bean deflectors to the UK. They ran about $25 USD for shipping.