4.6.16 data format Q

I notice that “beanChargeTemperature”, “beanDropTemperature”, “drumChargeTemperature”, “drumDropTemperature” aren’t saving in the .JSON roast file. Each are just 0. Was that intentional or potentially a bug with the new versions? @derrxb
I guess they could be extracts at the first and last points of the curves…

They are not used for anything but should be saved correctly.
Will take a look at it.

Hmm… Looks like we still store these. Can you link us to some roasts?

My last two roasts are with 0’s. I manually edited the two before that.
Link and screenshots:

the softwareVersion format recorded in my file looks unusual
here is another:

Thanks for letting us know! I backlogged a ticket we will prioritize in our upcoming meeting.

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