4.6.21 Crashed blank screen on open

Was roasting on V3, just downloaded V4 and the app download, then came up blank and stopped responding. Any ideas?

Yeah, I think I had the same issue. I had to back up my files and then do some deleting, so if you have the same issue, maybe check with customer service. Maybe take them a few days between replies, so you might know for sure in a week or two. So be detailed up front, and hopefully get it figured out in fewer emails.

Do you mind relaying what you deleted? I went to programs and uninstalled, double checked a couple folders but couldn’t find it anywhere beyond that.

I copied and backed up the files before deleting.

I am on a Mac, so Library>app support>roastime

RT3 and RT4 share some directories and that caused an issue on upgrading for some users. The directory depends on your OS as @jimmybulletroaster pointed out.

MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/roastime and ~/Library/Application Support/RoasTime
Windows: Something like %APPDATA%/Roaming/roastime and %APPDATA%/Roaming/RoasTime

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Hi @mcaillio

I located both folders, deleted them, and attempted to redownload. The app now stops responding when downloading dependencies during setup.


Did you empty the trash and fully delete? I notice that RT can still show all of my old roast even when my roast data is in the trash.

Same issue. Deleted all trash, made sure the software download was deleted too. All folders gone from drive. Keep getting a blank white (not responding) @jimmybulletroaster

Ah dang, I was hoping it was something super simple like that.

I know another member had an issue and went full reinstall the OS and everything. Not everyone can do that readily.

Sorry to hear about this. Hopefully tech support will have a solution.

When this issue happened to me, I basically had to get rid of the other version and start fresh with all the folders and files in application support. I had a white screen, but it had some error message on it. So if you are getting a blank white screen, I likely had a different issue.

Hey, would you be available to screenshare with me?

Sure can, feel free to send me a call invite to [email protected]

Sent you an email.

RoasTime 4.6.16 is running and updated fine on an M1 Mac in my household and I was able to run 2 roasts today. I have a brand new M3 MacBook Pro and installed RoasTime 4.6.21 on it and it won’t load - looks to me like the download wasn’t code signed…Is there a version available that will work?. This is the error that shows:

Hey @lennysachs.eaD6,

We had an issue with this release and it’s signing. We’re working on re-releasing a signed version.