A-01 error

I have been getting a bunch of A-01 flashing message towards the end of my roast and during the cooling down period… Manual calls for “Exhaust fan is locked and can not turn” however it was spinning and I did the upgrade fan when I received it. Took the back side apart to make sure nothing was blocking it or loose. Seem very operational with no odd noise.

Have you checked that the chaff filter basket is seated properly in the black rubber gasket? If not it will be moving out of the chaff box and into the impeller and make it stop.
Towards the end of the roast chaff will restrict airflow through the chaff filter making it more prone to be sucked out…

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let me see if that works.

I’ve been having the same issue and the fan and filter are fine. Looking to hear what happens as a solution.

Update: Since updating to 2.09 and current firmware…all is good. I am so happy.

same here. Made sure new fan sits in the middle when looking from top (between the two “walls”).

I even tried the old fan Blade to see if that changes but not the problem. Im using 900 grams but it did it at lower roasts? I’m updated to the new firmwaire too…

My A-01 were constant, on all Fan settings. Machine went back last week to SweetMarias and I am waiting for news…

I too had A-01 warnings and had issues at all fan speed settings just as you described, i.e. no apparent fan speed change regardless the setting. When I looked inside the exhaust port I either saw the impeller motionless or turning what appeared to be slowly (couldn’t feel significant airflow). When I poked at it with the impeller motionless it didn’t feel like anything was contacting the impeller.

I sent a message to Sweet Maria’s which got me an immediate shipment of a replacement impeller fan motor. 3 days later I installed the motor and all was well- no repeat of the A-01 warning.

When I replaced the motor (fussy but easy; you need to supply a small zip-tie), I looked carefully at the positioning of the impeller in its allotted space. I have no idea if this is applicable but it appears that if you position the impeller too close to the end of the motor shaft if would be possible for exhaust heat to expand the vanes of the impeller to the point they might contact the silicone chaff filter mount or even the the metal plate that’s part of the motor mount. I neither heard nor felt any metal-to-metal contact, but if the contact is with the rubbery black silicone there might not be an audible indication.

With that in mind I made sure that the impeller was as centered in the mounting area as I could get it. I’ve had no repeat of the warning.


Hi Bruce

thanks for sharing

I too got another motor from SM, installed it and no change. The impeller was perfectly spinning with the old as with the new motor. I did NOT look in any way that this is related to an impeded impeller…lets see, SM and Aillio are still looking into my machine…


I have to admit that my impression after the A-01 error was that it was a firmware issue. I re-loaded f/w (475 again) the next day then got no errors running just a pre-heat cycle before shutting it down. Didn’t roast again till after I replaced the fan motor. So I’m left wondering what I know vs. what’s just speculation.

I’m definitely interested in what Sweet Maria’s & Aillio have to say about your roaster!

Btw, the Info panel on my roaster shows a serial number that appears to be garbage… part of what makes me uneasy about f/w.