A-01 keeps going off

I just finished seasoning my bullet and I keep getting the A-01 message that my exhaust fan is stuck or not working. It is not moving and during my last roast I got this message and then the fan eventually started going. it turns freely with no resistance, does anyone know how to fix this?

Had the same issue when my Bullet was new. Contact Aillio (or your vendor) and start a trouble ticket. In my case I needed to replace the exhaust fan. They’ll guide you thru checking it.


I also had this problem with my new V2 machine. The fan wouldn’t spin on F1 setting. Fan calibration fixed it. Beware that after running calibration you must see “PPd” in menu 6, or else the calibration that you just performed won’t be activated. That one got me for a while. Hope yours is this simple!