A-02 error behaviour change?

Did something change with some firmware update ,regarding A02?
It used to be if you didnt do anything A02 would beep constantly and you’d have to press any button to make it stop.

Since last week my bullet has started only beeping A02 every 10-15 seconds or so - and if you are not careful you can break a roast by pressing the wrong button at the wrong time, ending the roast prematurely to try and get rid of the beep.

Is this intended behaviour or ?

I’m guessing you updated f/w to 606 (??). What you describe for A-02 is what I see as well since migrating to that version. What button did you hit that terminated a roast? I thought that only happened with PRS (which is exactly what should happen).


It’d be good to know this for sure, but I thought the current state of things was - PRS changes roast mode (roast->cool), F1 marks FC time (relatively new), and any other button should clear the deadman alert with no side effects?

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I think I pressed PRS, its just the biggest button, more convenient I guess. But that’s what I used to do with the old style A02, and it’s a recent thing that it starts interfering with the roast.

john_l has it as I recall the button functions. I don’t recall PRS terminating the A-02/deadman without making a Mode change, but then I aim for the X-button (upper left) so I may have missed that evolution. Or more likely I knew what PRS did and didn’t want to even try for fear of losing a roast!


I also use the X button. Because I’m convinced that pushing PRS caused problems for me once. Maybe I gave it a double tap by mistake? No idea. But X seems to be a safe choice, so I always do that.

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Yep, I accidentally aborted a roast by hitting the wrong button. I don’t know which button, I thought I could just hit any old button.