A few RoasTime 4 usability issues


I recently updated to RoasTime 4 and the experience is really a mixed bag. I noticed that I am forced to capture my end roast weight to whole numbers (i can’t add the decimal), unable to look up past recipes on my search bar and to top it off, the app is called index.html for some reason. What is going on?

Hi @safarul.189ovec, can you please let us know what version of RT v4 are you using? Are you trying to search for recipes in the roasts table or in the recipes table?

In regards to the index.html stuff, can you provide a screenshot of this so that we can know what exactly is showing the wrong thing?

Hi there and thank you for reaching out.

With regards to the search, I can typically type out my beans and it will show me all my past roast history with it. With this version of Roastime, it just shows nothing even though i can clearly see it as my last roast.

In this instance, I roasted some Finca Ventura (please see attached photos) and if i type in “Finca” in the search box, it doesn’t show it at all.

With regards to Index.html, it seems the error is now gone and is now showing RoasTime v4.3.2 so i guess that error is no longer there.

Hey @safarul.189ovec

Thanks for letting us know - that search is just searching for roast titles right now, not beans. We will get this rectified in the near future!