A new and interactive way to share your roast profiles on the community (or your own website)!

Hey Everyone,

I would like to share one of the latest features we’ve released on Roast World. This feature allows you to embed an interactive roast profile’s graph anywhere on the web (that accepts custom embeds). For example, on our very own community site, you can now embed any of your roast profiles to share to other roasters!

I don’t have any roasts link to my account so I borrowed one (chosen at random) from our Engineering account to showcase this new feature:

Here’s how you can do this too.

  1. Visit a roast profile from your account that you would like to share.

  2. Click the Actions button to reveal a list of actions you can perform and click the Embed option:

  3. Copy the embed script and paste it anywhere that accepts embeds and iframes. Tip: choose the Roast World Community option to the optional size for the community website

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Best regards,


Nice work Derrick. I noticed that if you are posting on a Dark Themed site, the font is dark grey on black, hard to see.

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Hey @ryweller,

Thanks for the info. I think I should be able to fix this.