A note of thanks to Jacob and the Aillio Team

I’ve been meaning to say this for awhile and wanted to do it today before I forget.

To Jacob and the Team, what you have done here with the Aillio Bullet and importantly this forum is remarkable. For those of us that have roasted across many years and with many different consumer and sudo-prosumer roasters, this is a huge change.

Having the opportunity to feedback direct to the designer is truly unique and very smart on your part. Having the ability to see the changes that you are making and openly sharing with us is hugely appreciated. In a world that often places barriers between the customer and the company, what you folks are doing is a “breath of fresh air”. I could wax-on, but will sum up by saying “Thank-you” for a great roaster and this forum. :clap:


What he said ^^^

As some have noted in other threads in other groups, you could get the mistaken impression that there are “issues” with the R1 based on traffic on some forums and groups but they are that active and vocal I believe precisely because the inventors have a vested interest in continuing to add to the features, like the IBST. Is it for everybody ? Maybe not but the fact that you can retrofit it without too much difficulty is a plus in my opinion.

My other hobby involves smoking and grilling things on a pellet grill, and the brand that I bought has similar commitment from the founders - they proactively answer questions on their forums both official and unofficial. They also include their cell phone number on every grill they sell. Not suggesting Aillio do the same, but it builds the same level of customer confidence. My previous roaster was a HotTop and I was a little nervous about going back to unfamiliar waters with the R1, but like several other adopters, my concerns were unfounded.

My grateful thanks too for Jacob and his team.

PS: When is the next RoastTime update due :wink:

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Well said! I am very impressed.

Thanks Aillio!

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I fully agree! I love the open communication and as a customer I’m being heard. As the development goes on of this wonderful machine, it feels like being part of this “journey”. Thanks !

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I agree! I’ve also been pleased by Aillio’s offering very reasonable-cost upgrades to allow owners to keep their roasters up to date with the latest hardware features. I’ve taken advantage of all of them so far, and have been impressed at how much forethought went into the original Bullet’s design: They clearly had a roadmap from the beginning that included a lot of functionality that we’re only just now seeing, and where things weren’t on an original roadmap, they’re showing a flexibility of design that’s been fun to follow along with. Well done!

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A bit late to this party after receiving my machine this month, but wanted to add my most hearty and sincere thanks to @jonas, @jacob, and the whole team at Aillio. Your honesty and openness is refreshing and fun. I hope I can contribute in some way too. Also thanks to @thompsonowen for endorsing the Bullet - your credibility made a great decision easy. This whole experience, hardware, software, community, has taken my coffee hobby to the next next level. Just what we all were looking for!
Cheers, - Brad


Thank you so much guys for your kind words!
It has been a long journey with both ups and downs but we try our very best to improve in every way we can and we truly appreciate all the feedback you guys are giving us.