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Looking to pull the perfect shot? Wondering whether a bit of agitation will aid your pour-over? Let’s talk it out, then. :wink:

I am about to embark on the journey to perfect my own ultimate Chemex pourover. Therese Brøndsted has a section on particle distribution and grinding in her Coffee Navigated site. I have also ordered the Kruve sieve set and plan to spend some time calibrating my grinder for Chemex pourover. Given the variables of bean origin, roast profile, water temperature, grams of coffee, ml of water, brew time, fines vs boulders vs middle grind, etc I should have enough to keep me busy. I have been reviewing all the avialble info on this for years and watching many videos and sites that have their own variations to the method. Now I will synthesize my own method standing on the shoulders of all who have come before me. On the other hand, if someone out there believes they have already perfected the perfect Chemex Pourover - let us all know.