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In RT 2.2.0 you can see during the roasting the % of time of the roast after the FC. Afterwards I don’t see this % anymore in MyRoasts or the Roasts Analyzer. Can you show this % in the graph or give it as an option in the settings?

(By the way: According to Scott Rao, a specialist in coffeeroasting, that % is very important and should be 20-25%. Nevertheless I roast to about 27-28%. The flavor is something less, but the coffee has more body).

Add Ambient Temp & Humidity data entry fields in the Roast Edit screen. I record these and add them to the Notes text but would be cool to have them as data fields for later analyses.

Provide a way to shut off “Charge”. I like to preheat my roaster for a while beyond the initial stable preheat point that triggers the “Charge” announcement. I do this so that back to back batches are more consistent. But listening to Charge every few seconds gets slightly annoying.


Ok, maybe I’m missing something but … during active roasting, are the Bean Temp and IR Bean Temp curve labels reversed in Roast Time? I can’t post a pic but, on my screen, in the data panel on the left the IR Temp is higher then the Bean Temp but, in the plot, the upper curve is labeled as the Bean Temp and the cooler curve is labeled as IR. Again this relates to data while roasting, the post-roast data plot temp curves are labeled correctly with the higher temp being IR Temp (here the lower temp is labeled drum temp).


Prompted by the Bluetooth thread, I thought I would add a request for a couple of features:

  1. Bluetooth as well as of USB.
  2. Android version (so I can control the roaster with my phone, and not have to bring my laptop downstairs/outside, depending on the weather)

Those would be cool.

Unless you have a way to integrate in ChatGPT for control…

Maybe Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) keys for Yellowing, First Crack start/end, etc.

It sure would be nice to be able to cancel an overlay from both the active roast screen and also the roast review screen. There is a cancel overlay button that only seems to appear on the recipes screen and it is a pain to have to navigate to that section all of the time to cancel an overlay