About the Roast.Time Software category

Ideas for improving the Roastime software are always welcome!

I used the updated roasttime yesterday for the first time and it worked great! I love the new user interface too, clean. I don’t see how to do a roast by temperature playback but I also haven’t looked yet to see if the manual was updated to include that.

I roasted yesterday and was thinking how great it would be to have a timer showing development for the active roast when I happened to see at the top of the screen the development percentage visual. Great feature, thanks Aillio.

I tend to blend my beans before roasting. I’d love to be able to put my beans into the system then say I’ve used 500g Puru, 300g Ethopian and, 200 Costa and have those as link to the actual beans so I can see where they came from and the like. At the moment the “beans” field doesn’t really work for me.