Accidentally cut the power at the end of a roast - can I create a roast manually?

Bumped my power cord and cut the power just as I was about to end one of the roasts today. RoastTime froze up, and I couldn’t end the roast in the software.

Eventually, I gave up and restarted RT, but the roast was gone, unsaved. I have all the info… I don’t see anywhere I can do this, but is it possible to create a roast outside of RT somehow just so my machine stats are accurate, and my bean inventory gets adjusted accordingly?

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Not that I know of, but that is a great idea.

Right now a few of us are struggling with a bug that deletes any roast data we enter after the fact, so maybe instead of fixing that bug they can add this feature? Win win?

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That is not possible to do.
If you want to add a roast you could simulate one by simply taking a cold bullet, going to roast mode, set to P0. Run for 6min, then go to cooling mode and it should be saved.

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Gotcha, thanks. That’ll work.

Good attitude. I’ve been able to run those test batches in 5min, and they save, if that helps.

I know a few people has talked about a manual roast creator in some way. One person dreamt up a roast curve design tool, where they could modify a couple points on the curve and then use it in overlay. Kind of cool.

However, I think your idea of being able to add a new roast and enter name and description is almost a requirement, if the roaster is used for work. But for now it is a home roaster. Hoping someone builds a semi pro version.

What you’ll find in trying to make sense of bullet design, is that this is a machine learning data collection tool first.

Like all modern companies, aillio is not just making a product, but also employing its customers.

So you cannot make a manual roast entry, because it only benefits you, the roaster, and has no benefit to a machine learning program. You cannot toggle off automatic syncing, and keeping your work offline is a slightly obnoxious chore, or moving and deleting files so you can update firmware etc. you can request to delete all of your information sent to aillio except your uploaded roasts. There is an IBTS sensor, but no exhaust/air temp sensor, things like that. As long as you are aware, it is ok, but some people just want to be left alone, and the constant interruption of every company forcing data collection can get to an introvert and a crafts person. Anyway, when they say something can’t be done, it is because of that.

What you’ll find in trying to make sense of bullet design, is that this is a machine learning data collection tool first.

Hi Jimmy.
I can tell you straight up that what you are writing is completely untrue.
We are not making money by milking data from the roaster, nor do we intend to, nor is it even possible. We make money selling roasters (hardware).
Employing our customers? That would imply some kind of payment which I fail to see what could be…

Having data sent to us is a game changer regarding how fast we can diagnose problems. I think you can appreciate this when something stops working.

In order to use our software you agree to share this data. If you don’t agree to this you are free to use artisan - we are not locking you in.

By sharing data you help the community, and the community helps you. You can find and compare profiles from others and we all help each other roast better coffee. You also get access to expert knowledge and recipes from roast masters around the world.

It would be nice if you would stop making wild accusations that you have absolutely no clue about.

If you have issues about our products or services you are free to create a separate post, but don’t hijack other’s just to rant.

Kindest regards, Jacob


Are you claiming that you do not use data for machine learning?

Are you saying that this forum never helps your support team with some of the work load?