Added bean not showing in inventory [fixed]

I added 2 new beans through Roast World and added both to my inventory during the creation process.
However, only 1 of the 2 is showing up in my inventory. When I go in the Roast World bean list (not my inventory), I do see “Ethiopian Sidama Saegera” and it displays a quantity as if it were in my inventory.
Does it not show up because I haven’t roasted any yet? Is this the intended behavior?

On a side note, the other bean added at the same time was the “Ethiopian Guji Peaberry G1” and it shows in my inventory.

Bean in Roast World

The quantity added during the bean creation process shows

The list of beans in my inventory, no Sidama to be found

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Hey @LGD,

I looked into this and fixed the issue for you. It seems to be caused by your bean not syncing to from our main database to our ElasticSearch database. This is a pretty rare occurrence and I don’t think it would happen again.

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Hi @derrxb , superb thanks for the quick turnaround!

Have a good day!