Adding bean in Roastime doesn't work

Hi, See the video I made, my Roastime is synced with the Roast World site, a nonsense recipe I made in Roastime showed up in Roast World… but it seems I cannot add beans in Roastime.

I click the green Add Beans button, enter the details, click Add Bean and then get a message about “MANAGING” inventory in Bean World… but the newly created bean does not show up in Roastime or Roast World.
So it seems the adding a bean function in Roastime is not working.
A separate thing is that if you want to remove a bean you created by mistake in Roast World, you cannot!
See this video


Sorry no answer for you but… I haven’t been able to add new beans either, the info I typed is in the add new bean but when I go to add it it won’t, if I may add, I also can not delete any old beans that don’t need to be there anymore.

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There is a problem with RoasTime downloading new beans you have added. We found the bug and this will be fixed in the next release.
If you have added your bean on and you are on a windows machine then try this until we get it fixed:

  1. Make sure you are logged in and not on a guest account.
  2. Close RoasTime
  3. Navigate to and delete these two folders:
    C:\Users<YOUR USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\RoasTime
    C:\Users<YOUR USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\roast-time
  4. Restart RoasTime.

You might need to enable viewing of hidden files to be able to find the folders


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I’m not seeing these on my Mac, I have checked invisible files. Any suggestions?

I’m not a mac user buy was told they could be found in:
~/Library/Application Support