Adjustment for Larger Batch Size

Hello, I have created a really good recipe for a specific being that I want. However, I have only been roasting batches of 350g. I want to go ahead and do the max size on the bullet however, I was wondering if there is anything I need to change or would everything remain the same? My guess is adjusting the pre-heat temp however, I am unsure and don’t want to ruin a batch.

Thanks for your help!

Nathan, I am no expert, but for sure you will have to change everything!
Your preheat temp will go up substantially (the Aillio site offers some suggested preheat temps/load size.
Each of your Power settings will be at least 1 or 2 levels above what you had before, the roast will take longer, so you probably won’t get the same timing, so things will taste different.
For a full drum, most people use full power, dropping perhaps once about 1 minute before FC and then dropping substantially about a minute after FC to prevent the flick.
Maybe share your recipe and there may be some more experienced people here to comment on what you could try.

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I’ve had some good luck scaling from 450g to 800g batches. Wanted to do the smaller batches to get familiar with the bean with less waste, but larger for selling. Mark hit on the main points. The parameters listed in the manual are good to get you in the ball park, adjust within them for your planned profile, same as the small batch. Preheat will definitely go up, more power and more fan and probably higher drum speed.

Total roast time, YW and FC didn’t change for me and I didn’t want them to change. Curve followed the same path and result in the cup was consistent between small and large batches.

Beans I did this with were very stable and easy roasting. Not sure about results with a more finicky bean.

Good job! if you saved your 450>>800 roasts, it’d be good to get a link to them to see how you did it.
Cheers :+1:t4:

Thank you for your suggestion!

Perfect, thank you! I will try this.