After firmware update and restarting bullet -> "4-5 beeps" and display is black

Hello all,

today I installed the firmware 591 (stable) on my bullet. Everything went well, also with the RT3.3.2 Software. After the message “turn off bullet and USB”, i restarted the bullet.
And after that i heard 4-5 beep and now the bullet display is black. Seems that something wenn wrong with the firmware update.
I am not able to install the firmware once more in RT.

What can I do ?


Search for “Cold Reboot” and follow the instructions there. You may have to install a 2.5.x version of Roastime, but after you get the new firmware installed, you can upgrade to the latest version of the software.

It sounds more intimidating than it is.

Here’s a video that will help.

Hey dpiette, thanks a lot for the fast response. And yes it worked :slight_smile:
Happy to have my bullet back to life.



This happens all too often. After three years of bullet ownership I feel like the entire platform is becoming less stable vs. more stable. I can count on my RT freezing at least once each time I roast- and then rebooting it seems to work fine except that the development % displayed is out of whack when I hit FC.