Air Purifier To Minimize Smell

Hey everyone, just got my bullet in and have done two seasoning roast. I live in a neighborhood and I am roasting outdoors in my shed with the door open. I am producing a larger amount of smoke than I was anticipating + a stronger smell (I am aware the seasoning roast will be stronger than lighter roast I will do later on).

Has anyone found any solutions to minimize the smoke smell that is released? I want to be proactive about it before I upset a neighbor. I have seen the Vevor air purifier as an option.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

The only thing that can help is getting the smoke as far away as possible. My neighbours do love the smell, but they haven’t been smelling it ever since I installed the range hood. The air purifiers, active carbon filters and what have you, will not help. To a certain extent, but not something to write home about. The only two things that can help with smoke are an afterburner or an electrostatic precipitator, but they cost a lot and are huge and also meant for bigger roasters. Water could do the job if you somehow managed to pass the smoke through it, but that would also require you to build a big tank that can accomodate two hoses, and also some filtration so you could reuse the water. Unfortunately, if you live in a house, the hood won’t be of much help, since all the smoke will get out through the chimney at a low level. It’s much more a question of extracting the smoke than killing it.

P. S. Well, an active carbon filter might help if you do one roast a week.

I see. I was looking at something like the link below as I saw one Bullet user who said they had success with this set up but based on this you don’t think it would do much, correct?

I can tell you from my personal experience, because I’ve tried that setup, that the activated carbon filter does eliminate harmful particles from the smoke, but does nothing, or very little, in terms of smell. There are those closed boxes with activated carbon, that I’ve seen people use on fairs. I did ask people who were roasting on the Bullet with that setup at the WOC, but they told me that it’s OK for small batches roasted infrequently, which is what I’ve said above. Unfortunately, even with an activated carbon filter and an air purifier added to the mix, the results are pretty much the same. I will repeat one more time, without an afterburner, electrostatic precipitator or some sort of water filtration, you can only extract smoke. Yes, I am in favour and use filtration to remove the harmful stuff before it’s released, but that’s about all you can do.

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That makes sense. I appreciate the insight!