Alarm and Error 001/ 008

Hi comrades,
Yesterday the local technician from the authorised distributor cleaned the machine. Today I tried preheating at 220c. One, I got the alarm, and then the error. First, there was error 008, then the screen showed that PCB at 85c. Three the drum temperature was 249c. I have shut down the machine. I browse the forum, and one of the responses is that bean probe needs to be cleaned, which was cleaned a day before.
I have roasted more than 125 batches till date. This didn’t happen before.
Please help.

I don’t understand how that could happen. I didn’t see any logs from today. Could you pls do a simulated roast with a preheat of 100 C and then roast for 6min, save it. Then we can check the values.
We need to see if the IR Ambient is high as well. That could indicate that the IR fan is reversed…but it could be other things like the IBTS is not seated properly.
Who is your distributor?

Hi Jacob, sorry for not checking up.

My distributor ( Kaapi Machines, India) advised me to change the drum bearing. I also recleaned the probe. I restarted, and the alarm did not go off.

I have taken a video and few screenshots. I can share.

Thanks a ton.

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