Allocating Green beans to a roast

Hi Guys
I am very new here, I have only done my seasoning and 2 other roasts, so I apologise if this has already been asked.
I have come from using cropster, where you would allocate a green bean (from your inventory) and the quantity that you intend to use before you start your roast. Is this possible with RT or do you have to adjust this after the roast has started?

Thanks in advance

By now means an expert myself since I only started roasting on the Bullet about 1.5 months ago. What I figured out about the inventory is this:

  • I entered the beans and weight I have via (I found it easier) - highly recommend searching for your bean before you add since that is crowd sourced information so there is a chance your bean is already in the bean list (and you’ll find duplicates too!)
  • once I start the roast on RT3 (e.g. once you’ve dropped the beans) there is a pencil icon that should allow you to enter in your bean and the weight. You can also do Action->Edit at the completion of the roast

If you are online (i.e. your computer is connected to the Internet) your changes in RT will upload to RW and your inventory will be reflected at the completion of the roast. That works for me, but others may have other ideas.

BTW, when entering weight, if you have two bags of same bean and you entered only the first bag, you have to enter just the weight of the second bag and it will add for you.