Allow adding `Yellowing` as an action on recipes

When developing a recipe, would it be possible to add an “action” that would mark yellowing as complete based upon a temperature condition?

I believe that there are many people here that mark yellowing based upon a temperature. With the color of the supplied LED light, it is very difficult to accurately gauge color by eye.

I typically click on the yellowing button when the IBTS temperature reaches 329F

About half the time, I miss that temp and have to go back after the roast is done and edit the yellowing phase tag (which can only be done by entering the time)

In the screen capture below there would be another option for marking yellow as complete (and as long as we are at it, we might as well add First crack and Second crack)

There are beans that I roast on a regular basis that First crack always starts at 393F.

Edit: Aritsan has this feature. I found it useful when I was using Artisan with my Hottop


Thanks for the suggestion, @billc. I added it to our backlog and we’ll discuss this internally at our next meeting. :coffee:


Pretty great idea. I primarily go by temperature and then adjust depending on the roast or day, since it has to be done in real time. But if I miss it, it sort of ruins the whole Maillard vs Dev ratios. Happens to me a lot with decaf, since I cannot see the color change.

How has it been since the implementation? Is it working out like you hoped?

Yes, you should be able to add Yellowing as a part of the recipe step. This is available in the actions dropdown as suggested by @billc.


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Alright will check it out. I still got that deleting titles issue, so not sure when I’ll get back to recipes. But this is good to know

Thanks Derrick!

And thank you for recommending the feature! How are you liking it?

I haven’t had a chancew to try it yet.

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Wow! I always think it is amazing when a feature request is actually implemented and can’t wait to try it. Haha. But I only do coffee stuff, so I have more time for this

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Most companies more or less ignore feature requests. So this is all still completely surprising and exciting.

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I finally got around to roasting a couple of batches last night and tried the new Yellowing action. It worked exaclty as I hoped it would.
Thanks @derrxb Derrick and the Aillio team.

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That is great news! I’ll give it a go!