Allowable Ambient Temperature and Humidity

I have downloaded the past week of temperature and humidity for the location where I plan to set up my Bullet R1. The unfinished basement of our new house has a perfect location below one of the windows where I will place a 10" fan to exhaust. I used this method with my Quest M3 and it worked well. OK, the question is… will the very stable winter temperature average of 49.1°F and humidity of 64.7% be fine for achieving good roasts? I would guess that the preheat would take care of both.

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That should be fine. I roast in my basement but the temps and humidity are inverse of yours 59F and 40%

At your 59°F and 40% I’d be considering that near ideal. It’s very close to my previous location’s readings with a partially heated basement.

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Those are my Winter temps, in the Summer it’s closer to 68F and 50%