Aloha, Brand NEW Drum does not hear up and it doesn't start

Question: Any recommendation as for what home voltage speed controller/transformer for the bullet r1 v2? Any similar experience?

Quick Story: I was very EXCITED received my roaster bullet last week, unboxed it today, and tried to roast for the 1st time.
The roaster beeped the entire time and signal error/erc 0256 (low voltage). I read the entire manual. I follow both the instructions on Aillio Youtube and manual start up. However, the beeping was unbearable for 10 mins straight and nothing worked. I continued to get the erc 0256 message.
I bought the Variable Speed Controller SCR Voltage Controller Fit for Router Fan Electric Motor Rheostat AC 120V 220V/ 15A/ 4000W Max on amazon. It did allow me to turn up the voltage to 170v but it still wouldn’t roast. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS VOLTAGE SPEED CONTROLLER. Recommended by Sweet Marias. Anyway, keep in mind the bullet r1 v2 is I returned it.

I order on Amazon:

  1. AC Motor Speed Controller 120V 15A Variable Speed Controller & Fan Speed Controller, Electronic Voltage Regulator
  2. VEVOR 2000VA Auto Variable Voltage Transformer, 15.3 Amp, 110V Input 0-130V Output AC Voltage Regulator Power Supply, with 4 Extra Fuses Thermal Control Switch for Home Industrial Office.

It arrives this week. to be continue…

Sorry to hear about this.
There might be a loose connection somewhere, but the error could still show as 256.
Just to be sure, what voltage is written on the sticker on the roaster?
If you have the 110V version, then applying 170V is not the best idea as it could damage it.
You should not have to purchase dedicated voltage stabilizers unless your voltage is inherently low or unstable.

If you could please install RoasTime, connect the Bullet and go to the active roasting page, then select the info panel and look at the information / error logs. This should give us some clue as to what is wrong.

Another clue could be from counting the number of LED blinks underneath the roaster.

Link to error codes document
LED blinking codes are shown at the end of the file.

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