Another 6864 Error No Fix Found

Hello, I am new here but I’ve owned my Bullet for a few years. I never had any issues until the dreaded 6864 Error which is the IBTS fan not spinning fast enough. I cleaned the fan with no success clearing the error. I replaced the fan with the exact same model of fan. However, now the tiny IBTS fan does not spin up at all, leading to the same 6864 error. I contacted Aillio, who arranged an online meeting but it never happened. I’ve tried updating the firmware in the Roast Time app with no success, even in bootloader mode. I just want to fix this error and get roasting again. Help if you can. Thanks

A few thoughts…

That’s sometimes an issue with a blade tip in contact with the rubber mounting surface. Can’t move. Since it worked before it may be that the blade tip is keeping it from spinning up. Or possibly there’s an issue with re-connecting the cabling you had to disconnect to replace the fan or while gaining access to the fan.


I was able to update the Firmware to the latest 610 through the bootloader. The fan is freely able to spin. I feel that it may be the IBTS itself, as some have experienced in the past. Perhaps a new IBTS module would clear it right up. It doesn’t appear to be burnt or anything. Can’t be sure with these tiny circuit boards. Hoping for some help from Aillio maybe sending me a new IBTS board. My unit is one of the originals with a 0004XX serial number if that helps. The PCB itself is from 2015.

Ahh. Yes, you have a different design than my V1.5 updated to V2. My experience with the Bullet won’t help you much. Yes, you really need input from Aillio. Or maybe a V1 owner here… ??


Did you buy an original replacement fan from Aillio?

Normally when the fan does not work it is because of some loose connector (or broken fan).

Your bullet is one of the first ones and updating to the IBTS might have involved soldering a connector on the control board.
Can you please take a few photos of your control board and wires to the IBTS?

The fan purchased was the exact SunOn model MF20080V2-10000-G99 5 Volt 0.61 Watt fan that was used in the original IBTS. This model didn’t require the soldering of the IBTS connector. It’s the slightly newer PCB in the 400 serial number range. I was told to buy a whole new IBTS for the unit even though this IBTS was purchased in 2021. I thought Aillio would be interested in doing some Research and Development and so they would send me a replacement IBTS and I could return the original so they could assess the problem to perhaps improve their products, instead of depending on the customers to try and troubleshoot this complex machine. I own two other roasters, Sono Fresco 2lb machines. They are workhorses and can roast all day, all week. I want to fix my Bullet so I can use it as I wanted to originally. It’s just insanely complicated with the bricking firmware, disassembling the entire panel to short circuit the PCB in order to put the machine into bootloader mode, instead of just having a hidden button… I want everyone to know how picky and finicky these machines are, as most people can see from reading the troubleshooting forums. Aillio, do the right thing and take care of your customers while learning from your mistakes. It is a win/win relationship. instead I get to pay out of pocket to MAYBE fix the problem, because I can’t even be sure that it’s the IBTS board. Commercial roasters out there, take a look at the competition before you buy this machine. Sono Fresco is very comparable in price and is located in the US. Very helpful customer service as well. Aillio, do better.

I am sorry you feel that way.

You have a bullet from 2017 with a broken part. We want to help you fix it but you don’t want to buy the spares from us.
You bought a non-original Aillio fan (without connector) and you say it does not work but you don’t want to share how you got it connected in the first place…

I honestly don’t understand how that makes Aillio the villain here?

If you could please send some photos of your board perhaps I can see what is wrong.
You can also send it to Sweet Maria’s for service.


Explain how it is not an Aillio part when I’m using the EXACT manufacturer part that you’re using? That’s not how engineering works. Where do you source your SunOn fans from? SunOn? Well, so did I. Is it any different than the fan that was used originally? How can it be if it’s the exact part? I fail to see your reasoning. Regardless, thank you Aillio for your 20lb paperweight. I’ll continue to use my Sono Frescos and will sell this Bullet if I ever get it fixed. Good luck everyone with your Aillio products.

It would be EXTREMELY helpful if I could remove the IBTS entirely and revert back to the basic Bullet with no IBTS. It’s not important to me. I can see drum temp and bean color, that’s all that matters. Is that possible? Likely not, because it would be too simple of a solution.

I had the same error yesterday, after i completed my deep clean, including cleaning the IBTS with ear band. The 1st time I wanted to start the machine after that it gave me 6864 error with a peeping sound. Thanx to this thread I opend the front panel and cleaned the fan, then it worked properly.