Any critique on these two roasts?

I figured out how to search for roasts others have done, and found one that I think looked interesting. The thing I am the most proud of is how close these came in terms of time. A thing I’m a bit concerned with is, are these too fast? Obviously I’m going to taste them and see how they turned out, but do you guys see anything that gives you any hints as to things I want to look for? Thanks!

If you adjust the curve axis values at the bottom of your Settings > Config dialog you can zoom in and get the curves to fill the screen. You can also use Overlay to show both roasts at once, including all the curves AND all the roaster settings in the bottom ribbons. That makes it really easy to compare and see how changes to the machine settings effected the curves. In this case the fan settings look a little different, resulting in some differences around FC.

If this is a honey process bean like the title suggests, some recommend to roast those a little more slowly. Maybe try a 275 preheat, keep everything else the same, aiming for an extra 30 seconds on your Y and FC times, and see if the cup improves? Fun experiment if nothing else.


I haven’t roasted much around 700g batches but lowering your preheat temp can extend your roast time. I like to think about it in stages.
If you lower your pre-heat, you’ll have a lower turning point, a later yellowing point, and thus (if you kept your Maillard phase proportional) you’ll have a later FC and overall longer roast time.


Thanks for the feedback. Is a longer roast time something I should be going for, then? I’m looking to get a Nordic style roast, emphasising fruitiness of the coffees. I wanted to get an earlier 1C so that I could get a higher DTR while maintaining a lighter roast. In that aspect I think I succeeded, but until I cup it later today it’s all just theory (on my end…I’m sure you all know what you’re talking about—that’s why I asked, after all!)

Longer isn’t necessarily better, just something you could try. Sounds like you had a solid roast plan and achieved it. Nice! Please post how the roast tasted, and how any further tweaks on the profile change the flavors.


how can i find roasts that others have done?

Pretty late getting a report in here on these two roasts. I wasn’t very satisfied with them, honestly. There was just a touch of the scorched sugar flavor that kept it from being bright and light. It had great fruity flavor and sweetness underneath, but I just couldn’t look past that burned sugar flavor.

I’ve tried several batches since then, modified to try to slow down and extend the roast, and I think they actually might’ve come out even worse. Any tips for natural/honey coffees that don’t suck? I want fruit bombs, not brûlée! :grin:

Did you ever figure this out?

I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the bullet right now, searching through old posts and such. I’m wondering if maybe you’re preheating too hot for the honey process?

I just roasted some honey process, went fairly smooth but haven’t tasted it yet.