Any info on the extra ports on the display board?

It looks like a lot of expandability. Looks like an air temp sensor spot, and there’s a ton more, as well as a few unpopulated headers. Any info would be awesome. I realize none of them will be useful without firmware, but it would be cool to know what they can do, and if they will support future purchasable upgrades.

A few more temp sensors, a microphone input, an additional bus system for smart sensors and some input / outputs. All in case we find something useful to attach in the future.


@jacob Thanks so much for the info. Is there any chance of getting an “unlocked” firmware pushed to where they can be utilized? More specifically interested in the microphone port as so many guys are sticking mics into the tryer slot using external hardware. if it could be pumped to the laptop or even the onboard speaker, that would be amazing. to anyone else that didn’t open up the bullet and do anything, nothing should change.

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We did route the mic input to the speaker before but it was of little use.
I don’t think we have the resources to program any specific “open” firmware at this time. It is a lot of work! Not just the firmware, but also the USB interface with new protocols etc. And it would require additional support. We are too busy working on other more important features.

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Completely understandable. Is the mic still routed to the speaker? If so, which pins are for the mic?

no it goes through the ADC of the MCU, so it needs to sample and then convert, then output on the DAC. There is no mic, only an amplifier.

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