Any logging of ErC errors in recorded roasts?

On a seasoning roast yesterday, I got an ErC error late into a 500g seasoning roast well past SC (maybe 17-18 mins into the roast). I quickly just emptied the beans (as I was about to do so anyhow), figuring the ErC error would be logged. I haven’t found that so (or missed the place where it may be). It might have been ErC 0004, but I’m not completely sure.

Any insights? Have I missed the place errors are logged or are they not logged at all? If not, could they be as an option in software?
(Will repeat a seasoning roast today and see if it reoccurs)

I know that Aillio Support has access to any error codes generated during a roast but I’m not aware of anything the user can access that is preserved after the Bullet is powered off, i.e. there’s no permanent record. There is a notation of codes logged in the Info panel of RT3 while the Bullet is powered up and connected. Those Logs entries are maintained till the Bullet is powered off or the USB connection is lost (the Roast page is blank if the Bullet isn’t connected so you can’t access the Info panel).

So your choices are to contact Aillio Support or take a screenshot with the Logs page of the Info panel displayed. In Win10 you may be able to use the mouse to highlight the Logs data and do a Ctl-C to copy to the clipboard, then paste that into Notepad or whatever… haven’t tried it so it’s a ‘maybe’.