Any new firmware?

Feels like it’s bean (get it? ha) a while since an update. 581 is still Current and 602 is still beta.
Any updates?

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Giving this a bump, would like to know as well

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Any issues or features you would like to see?


Might be a long shot, but still interested in Bluetooth lol. It’s such a tease seeing it pop up as a device with no use.
Part firmware and Hardware, additional sensors like air temp and humidity. Not sure if that’s what some of those unused plugs are for on the back of the control board.
Ability to change sounds from roast time like alert sounds, voices, I joked about Sam Jackson and custom sounds, but other options would be nice.

This is hardware related, but a bigger bean funnel with a slide door to hold beans in until charge.
Replacement rubber for the buttons with other colors/filled in with contrasting colors to make them easy to read.

Just a wish list, nothing major.

The main reason I started this post was that the beta had been up for a while.

More power is really the top of my wish list. A power board that I could plug into my stove plug would be amazing, and really put the bullet up a new level. Being able to really push those 1kg of dense beans for a quick first crack and nice fruity notes.

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+1 for opening up Bluetooth on the Bullet and RoasTime - it would be great so have wireless data transfer from the Bullet as well as the opportunity to feed in temperature, humidity and weight (!) into the roast data in RoasTime and RoastWorld.


I’d opt to replace the form over function design of the round control panel with a square or rectangle that sported dedicated rotary encoders instead of up/down pads and modal function buttons—more in line with the controls on a gas roaster.

On the firmware side I’d like to be able to set the time to the “Charge!” announcement. I preheat well after “Charge!” for a more stable temperature.


It would be a nice feature if there is notation for the Turning Point on the BT curve

you can do it manually by adding a comment

+1 for a time-based option to “Charge!”. I preheat exactly 20 minutes for 450-500g batch sizes. It’s easy enough to just watch the elapsed time clock, and ignore Shirley’s whining, but would be great if she was saying something useful. Understandable if her incessant barking is necessary for regulatory compliance.