Any sheet metal guys want to build a permanent hopper

Wondering if there’s anyone here who’s good with sheet metal and wants to build a permanent hopper with an open/close function like every other roaster on the market at this price point.

I’m probably going to give it a try, because I can’t even find any places that sell 1,2 or even 3kg hoppers as spares or anything.


curious on this. Definitely want one as well.


I’m probably going to make one at some point and just plug the hole with cork. No idea when though…too much going on. I’ll probably make it with copper for looks/fun. As of now though, I could use the stock hopper and just cork it and never take the hopper off.

Use caution there… the Bullet hopper has a deflector that interferes with air flow to some extent. It’s there to keep any greens from getting into the exhaust tube when charging.



Would be nice if the opening were round. A workaround would be very easy with that

I would add that the hopper is made of plastic, I don’t know if it can handle the high temp permanently, with a risk of ‘melting’, and gases from hot plastic mixing with air into the drum.

It is round, just with some shapes cut out lol

True, I forgot about that. I thought about using a screen, but the chaff too. Hmmm, back to the drawing board. Maybe I will have to re-design the chute too. to have a flow just for air and chaff, and another for beans.