Anyone develop RT theme for clarity and consistency and willing to share it?

I was having a tough time telling apart bean vs IBTS graphs so messed around with the color scheme for a few minutes. I am sure others have done a better job than me so am hoping folks can share their efforts. My theme export is attached to the first post in case anyone wants to give it a go.

Download from here: link


That one looks pretty good! I have the same question and was wondering if any others had come up with themes. I am a “dark mode” person, myself, and would love to see something that is readable and consistent across the app.

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I finally made my own theme. Just like flavor… it is all about preference. I love greens but wanted something that would also make the lines stand out on the graph that I pay attention to more (IBTS). Here are a few screenshots.

Don’t judge the roast curves and names haha. Definitely a noob who needs to spend more time roasting and less time on the aesthetics. Let me know what you think!

I will probably end up having a few themes for myself to choose from :slight_smile:

Anyone know what kind of file I need to save as when I export or import a theme?

RT3 does it for you. On my Win11 laptop I launch RT3 then go to Config (the ‘gear’ icon) → Themes → Export. That generates a file which is auto-named <theme.rttheme> which I can save.

That Theme file can be shared; the new user would save the .rttheme file on their hard drive, launch RT3 and go to Config → Themes → Import then navigate to the saved location, select the new theme and it will install. And you can transmit it to someone else.

If you want to have multiple Themes you’ll have to create a naming convention that makes sense to you to allow multiple versions to exist in the same folder. To modify the file name I just add a “-(n)” to the name portion (not the type descriptor) when I save the file, e.g. theme.rttheme can be modified to theme-n.rttheme where n = a number (or a letter or ??), in order to allow multiple Themes.


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