API endpoint for Beans (inventory)

Please can you give me an API endpoint for my beans? I want to build a dashboard with nice big tiles for each bean so I can easily see, at a glance how much inventory I have left. I can make it change colour when it dips below a certain threshold so I know to order more!

It would be so good to be able to do this… Just need an endpoint for authentication (or a key I can keep on my server), and the endpoint for the beans.

Would be happy to make this open source and share with the community or directly with yourselves if there is user interest for a dash like this

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Hey @belper,

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t think we have plans to open up the API. In terms of dashboard features you’d like to see, feel free to recommend these. We’re always open to hearing suggestions on features that could be added to help you all roast better and use our software.


Adding to this, it would be so nice being able to give customers an estimate in my web shop how many bags are left in inventory. Hope you’ll reconsider and open up.

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