Arillio Roaster started to beep and flash


Posting here in case anyone has seen or have any idea what’s happening.

Today when I was roasting my coffee, and was waiting at one of the last steps to wait for my beans temp to reach 190 deg Celsius my roaster started to beep and the display started to flash.
Then I noticed the drum roaster temperature started to decrease as if the roaster is not heating up anymore.

Has anyone experienced this before, was my roaster overheated somehow ?

Please let me know


Hi. I’m new to the Aillio roaster, and had the same question. If it’s beeping and displaying A-02, I think that’s just a safety feature. My Behmor 1600 had a similar thing where it was looking for input to make sure you’re still there. I just push a button to let the roaster know I haven’t wandered off and it works just fine. I would guess that if you don’t hit a button within a certain period of time, the machine will stop heating.

@iantsai86hopo were you getting an error code A-02 that @phtevenaz mentioned? If so just hit any button (many of us just hit the F1 button) so the Bullet knows you’re alive (i.e. there tending to it). On the other hand your comment about the drum temp decreasing seems a little different… how long did you let the beeping go on? Did you abort the roast at that point? This might need a bit more info or perhaps support can take a look at your logs.

There is an Info button on the upper right of the Roast page… the little “i”. Click that and open the tab that is labeled Logs. That will display any error codes the f/w has logged (identified). At this point you have probably killed the power to the Bullet which will clear those error codes. But the codes will have been saved on the Aillio server at the time they occurred. So…

If you go to Contact on, fill out the contact form and describe the problem (power shut down) along with your location, the date, and the time plus your roaster serial number (Support is in Taiwan; and the date & time will help them find the error on their server if you have several roasts) they should be able to look up the faults and explain what happened. Whether anything further needs to be addressed (sounds like it does) will have to be decided after they get a look at the saved data.